Our 2016 Fiesta Medal Cat Model: Screwy, Lavaca Community Cat

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2016 fiesta medal cat and his colony

The star of our 2016 Fiesta cat medal, the affectionately-named Screwy, is a resident of an established colony of community cats in Lavaca. Screwy was given his name because of his corkscrew tail and a head that’s always in a tilt! Screwy is the most outgoing member of the group, and is very demanding when it’s time to eat. Note the top of his left ear has been “tipped,” to indicate he has been fixed and vaccinated.

We approached these cats’ caretaker when we noticed a large number of cats along one Lavaca sidewalk. The Cannoli Fund worked with the colony’s caretaker to TNR — trap, neuter/spay, (and vaccinate) Screwy and his fellow ferals. The cats took our Community Cat Carpool to the spay/neuter clinic. We provide this service since many people don’t have the time off work or access to transportation to deliver and pick up their cat from a clinic. Since spaying and neutering this colony, its population has remained stable, with no new kittens. We now also provide their caretaker with supplemental cat food via our La Cocina de Cannoli, or Cannoli’s Kitchen, program.

Order Screwy’s 2016 Fiesta medal online at The Cannoli Fund’s fiesta medal shop or at eBay for immediate shipment! Locally: Medals are for sale at the King William Association office, at Pig Liquors on S. St. Mary’s, Villa Finale Museum and Gardens on King William StreeBuy our 2016 fiesta medal cat nowt, Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa’s downtown location, and at Clothesline Cleaners on S. St. Mary’s. Both our cat and dog fiesta medals will also be for sale at the Urban Pet Fiesta on April 9, 10 am – 1 pm; Pin Pandemonium at Fiesta Fiesta at the Alamo, Thursday, April 14, 5 pm until dark; and at the Ilse’s Attic booth at the King William Fair on April 23, 8 am – 6 pm. You can also buy our 2016 Fiesta dog medal at each of these locations and events.

Medals are $8 each and all proceeds from medal sales benefit The Cannoli Fund’s many programs for cats and dogs living in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods. The Cannoli Fund (tax ID 45-2476260) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.