Cannolicare Grants for Medical Care Increased to $400

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Diva the dog was the beneficiary of one of our Cannolicare medical grants for treatment for heartworm disease

Diva the dog was the beneficiary of a Cannolicare grant to treat heartworm disease.

The Cannoli Fund’s board of directors has increased the maximum amount for Cannolicare medical grants for critical vet care for King William and Lavaca cats and dogs from $300 to $400 per pet.

The Cannoli Fund believes that all cats and dogs, companion or “community,” deserve a high quality of life, free of suffering. The Cannoli Fund’s Cannolicare medical grants program provides financial assistance to King William and Lavaca residents and business owners (and their employees, if caring for an animal found in our service area) to help pay for critical medical expenses for cats and dogs in their care. Additionally, The Cannoli Fund may pay for euthanasia of animals in our service area that a veterinarian deems unlikely to benefit from treatment or unable to be saved, with the goal of relieving the animal’s suffering.

Cannolicare will provide up to $400 per animal for medical care necessary for the health of an animal. Types of medical care for cats and dogs include, but are not limited to, services such as surgical or other treatment for broken bones or umbilical hernias, mange, heartworm disease, or other illness with a positive prognosis. Examples of items not covered include flea medication, baths, nail trims, and other services part of standard care.

Visit the Cannolicare page of this website for the details of the program and how to apply for a grant to improve the life of a neighborhood cat or dog. Visit the programs page to learn about other ways we can help with caring for a cat or dog.