Crofton: Neglected Dog, Dumped in King William, to Pampered Pet [video]

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Crofton’s story starts on August 31, 2015, the day he was found, in terrible condition, at Constance-Crofton Park in King William. The miniature poodle mix was cowering behind a trash can, filthy, covered in heavy mats embedded with burrs, fleas and ticks, dejected and alone. A wonderful King William family (who are serial dog-rescuers) on a walk saw him and knew he needed help. He had no collar and no microchip. After food, water, four baths, and a three hours of grooming from the two girls in the family and neighbors, he started to look and feel much better.  A week later, with help from The Cannoli Fund’s programs, Crofton was neutered, fully vaccinated, and vetted. He was pronounced healthy and about a year and a half old. Under all the dirt and matted fur was a dog who a few days later revealed he was a young, and very energetic, pup! His natural personality is best described as “exuberant.” Crofton now enjoys a life inside with two large rescue dogs who tolerate his antics, daily walks, lots of playtime, and a stay-at-home mom. And to top it off, he was selected for a star turn as this year’s Cannoli Fund Fiesta medal model! If you haven’t picked up his medal yet, visit our Fiesta Medal Shop! All proceeds go to fund our programs for King William and Lavaca cats and dogs in need.

2016 fiesta dog medal

Crofton, just after his rescue (left), his Fiesta medal, and Crofton today!