A Milestone: The Cannoli Fund reaches 300+ animals helped to date

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UPDATE 12/15/2014: 321 unduplicated animals have now received services from The Cannoli Fund!

We are happy to report that as of November 1, 2014, The Cannoli Fund, whose programs began in June 2011, has provided services to 302 unduplicated animals! Each of these animals lived or was rescued in the King William and Lavaca districts of San Antonio. The vast majority benefited from our spay/neuter reimbursement program or participated in our community cat carpool, in which a volunteer drives groups of feral cats to area low-cost clinics to be spayed or neutered. Many cats and dogs also received crucial medical care thanks, in part, to our Cannolicare program. These animals’ lives are not only greatly improved thanks to The Cannoli Fund, but they are also no longer able to reproduce and add more unwanted animals to our neighborhoods. This video showcases just a tiny fraction of the cats and dogs we’ve helped.

We couldn’t have done this without the support of The Cannoli Fund’s friends, neighbors, area businesses, board members, volunteers, and donors! Many thank yous from The Cannoli Fund and the cats and dogs served.