Cannoli the Siamese mix cat looks out the window

Cannoli, a former King William stray, was the inspiration for The Cannoli Fund.

Cannoli, a handsome shorthaired Siamese mix kitten, was born on Mission Street in the King William Historic District in San Antonio in spring 2009. His mother was a stray orange tabby who was really only a kitten herself. When he was five weeks old, he went to live with a couple in the neighborhood. He hid behind the toilet for a few days before coming out to meet his new parents. Cannoli was one of the lucky ones. The majority of animals don’t find nice homes and San Antonio has an enormous stray problem. That is why it is so important to spay or neuter your pets! Cannoli’s mother and the remaining 11 cats in his feral colony were all spayed and neutered and the cat population on that block has remained stable ever since!

Unfortunately in early March 2013, Cannoli passed away after a brief, sudden illness. He was only three and a half but he had already inspired a lot of good work towards changing the lives of other cats and dogs born in, or residents of, his neighborhood. His family and Facebook fans were devastated at the loss but are committed to keeping his legacy alive through the continued work of The Cannoli Fund.