cannoli’s canteen

cannoli's canteen water bowls for pets

Gus and Viola drink from a pet water bowl in King William.

The Cannoli’s Canteen program helps address the lack of dog water fountains in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods. All pets need access to water, even more so during exercise and in high temperatures. Cannoli’s Canteen water stations for pets in our neighborhoods should help make walking in the south Texas heat a bit easier for dogs, who are susceptible to heat exhaustion and dehydration, just like humans. There are currently more than 25 bowls located throughout our service area but many more are needed!

Cannoli’s Canteen will provide any household within our service area one FREE large colorful plastic water bowl marked with The Cannoli Fund’s logo and web address. The bowl should be placed in the right of way in front of your property (preferably along the sidewalk) and kept full of clean drinking water in order for passing pets to take a drink. Shaded areas are best. The bowls provided for the Cannoli’s Canteen program are large and deep so the water won’t evaporate as quickly as other bowls.

To request a free Cannoli’s Canteen pet water bowl, please fill out the form below. Thank you for helping make our neighborhoods more pet friendly.

REMEMBER: The best time to walk your dog during the spring and summer is in the early morning hours or in the evening. The current temperature in the neighborhood is:

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