Frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact us via our contact page. Please note that we are a small all-volunteer organization and it may take 1-2 days to receive a response. Thank you.


My dog or cat is missing and I’m checking all the shelters. Do you have him/her?
We are so sorry to hear that! We don’t have him as we are not a shelter. Try checking the shelters on this list, starting with Animal Care Services, or ACS, the city shelter. It is best to go to the shelter itself if your pet is missing as their online records are not always up to date. See the humane resources page for links to tips for finding missing pets. Note that cats tend to stay very nearby (typically closer than one or two houses away) if they suddenly find themselves outside.

My dog or cat is lost. Can you post it on your The Cannoli Fund Facebook page?
In our service area: Yes, we can. Please message or post a photo along with your pet’s details (where was it last seen, contact information, wearing a collar/tags, etc.) to our The Cannoli Fund Facebook page. You can also send out a “Rescue Me” email to area neighbors, thanks to the generosity of one of our neighbors. See the bottom right corner of our homepage for details. Finally, there are some good tips for finding lost cats and dogs on our humane resources page.
Outside our service area: No, we’re sorry, we can only post animals lost in King William and Lavaca.

I found a cat/dog/kitten/puppy, can you help me find a home?
We’re sorry but we are unable to help re-home pets. If you live, work, or own a business in our service area we can, however, scan the pet you’ve found for a microchip to help find its owners. The unfortunate truth is that many strays found in our service area have been dumped, have never had owners and were born on the street, or have run away from people who don’t want the pet anyway. Often there are no owners to be located. If you need to find an animal a home, try sending an email to people you know who would give it a good home and/or share information about the animal on social media. You can also try calling the shelters and rescue groups, with ACS as a last resort, as they are a kill shelter. Shelters or rescue groups are more likely to accept a pet if it is friendly, spayed or neutered, fully vetted, and has had all of its shots. The Cannoli Fund can help those in our service area with the costs of some of those things; see our programs page. Offering a monetary donation to the shelter for taking the pet may also help. Some shelters have a set “relinquishment” fee.

My cat or dog needs to be re-homed. Can you post my animal on your website or Facebook page?
We’re sorry, but The Cannoli Fund can’t be of assistance. Our mission is to improve the lives of animals in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods of San Antonio, with an emphasis on controlling the population, by: providing advice, resources, and financial assistance for spaying and neutering of companion and community cats and dogs; assisting with medical care for animals in need; and educating the community on the humane treatment of animals. We don’t help to re-home pets inside or outside of our service area. Re-homing a pet is a serious task, but there are also many things you can do to avoid having to give up a pet. See this page on the wonderpuppy website for some good advice on ways to solve common problems. There are shelters and rescue organizations in the San Antonio that may be able to help rehome your pet, although be forewarned that due to the extreme animal overpopulation problem in San Antonio, it may be very difficult, if not impossible, to get a pet into a no-kill shelter. The city shelter, Animal Care Services, or ACS, should be the very last resort as it is a kill shelter and there is no guarantee your pet will be pulled by a rescue group. It may be easier to get a pet into a shelter if it is spayed or neutered, has all of its shots, is young, friendly with people and other dogs, and is in good health. The Cannoli Fund can help those in our service area with the costs of pet healthcare and spay/neuter; see our programs page. Offering shelters or rescue groups a monetary donation for taking in the pet may also help. Some shelters have a “relinquishment” fee.
I need help raising money to for a cause or am having an event. Can you share this flyer, link, etc on your Facebook page or website?
We’re a small, all volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and we must focus on raising money for and promoting our own mission. We’re simply not able to help other organizations. We recommend posting your event in local neighborhood Facebook groups or pages, putting up flyers at area businesses, and posting on NextDoor.

I moved into a King William/Lavaca home and the previous owners left a whole lot of outdoor cats. Some are friendly and some are feral. What can I do?
You’re in the service area and The Cannoli Fund can help! Please see the programs section of this website for available resources including humane traps to borrow and our spay/neuter reimbursement program.

I found an animal and I want to scan it for a microchip. Can you help?
In our service area: Yes, we have a microchip scanner. Call 210 380 5745 to have the pet scanned or send us an email.
Out of our service area: Any vet’s office or animal shelter can scan a pet for a microchip.

Can you help me find a pet sitter?
No, we’re sorry but we can’t. We suggest you ask your friends and neighbors and/or your pet groomer or veterinarian. You may also consider boarding your pet at a vet’s office or specialized dog boarding facility while you’re out of town.

Do you have plans to extend your service area?
No, we don’t. The Cannoli Fund is an all-volunteer organization and we don’t have the resources to expand. Our small size is part of what makes us so very efficient and effective in what we do. Although it might not always be obvious, there are still hundreds of animals who need to be spayed or neutered, who will need help with medical care, and many people who can use help feeding their pets within our King William and Lavaca neighborhoods.

What is your mailing address?
The Cannoli Fund
PO Box 831444
San Antonio, TX 78283-1444