Nancy S. Diehl

Nancy Diehl, a co-founder, is a native San Antonian who has shared the companionship of dogs and cats most of her life. Living in both other cities and other areas of San Antonio, she never quite realized the seriousness of the stray dog and feral cat situation in our fair city until she moved to King William. Despite the efforts of many caring residents, the number of animals in need is still very high. Nancy has helped to control many neighborhood feral colonies via the trap/neuter/return strategy, but much work lies ahead. She is pleased to lead The Cannoli Fund in this effort. A retired freelance editor and writer, Nancy lives in the craftsman bungalow that she and her late husband, Andy (an animal lover, as well), moved to in 2003. She shares the house with her rescue dogs, Margie, Jack, and Muppie; the cat who followed her home from the Riverwalk, Derby; and two spayed community cats.

Angelo Roselle

After spending most of his life in California, Angelo Roselle moved to Texas in 2013. He first lived in Brownsville, and then made the move north to San Antonio with his wife and three dogs: Jetson, a three-legged chihuahua mix from San Francisco; Ranger, a rather large chihuahua mix from Oakland; and Yuki, a mostly sweet American Eskimo from The Valley. In addition to his own pack of small dogs, Angelo has helped to foster and find homes for several strays found in Lavaca and King William, including Winter, a pit terrier puppy who was dumped a block from his house; Bo, a smart shepherd mix found hanging out by South Alamode; and Louie, a large hound mix who followed him home from an evening walk along the river. For all these dogs, The Cannoli Fund provided much-needed medical assistance and access to treatments. Whether out on a walk, on a bicycle ride, or driving in his car, Angelo is always looking for ways to help the dogs in the neighborhood. He enjoys living near downtown San Antonio with its rich history and culture, and he feels at home in the historic neighborhood of Lavaca and neighboring King William. As a former history major and a nature-lover, he couldn’t have picked a better neighborhood to call home. He is surrounded by historic houses and sites, within walking distance to the beautiful San Antonio River, a quick bike ride away from San Antonio’s missions and parks, and best of all, he can bring his dogs to the numerous pet-friendly restaurants and events around downtown

Syeira Budd

Syeira Budd was born and raised on California’s Central Coast and moved to San Antonio in 2002. She has lived in an 1870s limestone house in Lavaca since 2005. Syeira is pleased to support the important work of The Cannoli Fund. Providing neighbors with the education and resources to spay and neuter animals is necessary to improve the health and safety of our cat and dog friends. Syeira enjoyed the companionship of many cats during childhood, including Ivan the First, Chauncey Buster Budd, Marmalade, and Earl Grey. Although her current landlord does not allow pets, she is a friend to dozens of cats and dogs in Lavaca and King William. Syeira returned to the board in summer 2015 after serving previously during The Cannoli Fund’s founding phase in 2011-2012.

Dawn Pedrazine
Dawn Pedrazine is a San Antonio native who lives in a King William cottage that has been in her family since 1938. She has enjoyed volunteering for several rescue groups, including Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, San Antonio Pets Alive, and the Humane Society. Dawn is an animal lover and advocate who has rescued dozens of animals ranging from cats and dogs to pigeons, ducks, owls, and opossums. She has re-homed strays to good homes and been able to reunite some lost pets with their owners. Dawn shares her home with several rescues of her own, including a rat terrier found suffering from internal injuries, and a hound rescued as a puppy with litter mates who were sick and covered with ticks. She found help with rescues when she discovered The Cannoli Fund. Dawn feels fortunate to live in a neighborhood with so many animal lovers, and she is happy to work on the board and be able to pay it forward.

Marley Diehl
Marley Diehl, a San Antonio native and co-founder of The Cannoli Fund, moved back to her hometown from New Orleans in 2005. Even though she grew up in another San Antonio neighborhood, her first childhood cat, a King William stray, was adopted at the King William Fair in the 1980s. After being fortunate enough to be owned by some sweet stray cats in three different cities, Marley became aware of the plight of urban cats. In her adult life, she’s been mom to five formerly stray dogs, including a young Bichon Frise/Dachshund mix dumped with her puppies at Blue Star, to a Springer Spaniel with a broken leg rescued from euthanasia at ACS, to a tick-covered puppy found sitting in a busy intersection on the south side. Today she lives with a tightly knit family of felines and canines in King William and cares for a small outdoor feral cat colony. A professional graphic designer, Marley developed and designed The Cannoli Fund’s logo and identity. She believes that smart, simple design is a highly effective tool in bringing attention to problems and in helping change attitudes.