southtown lost found pets eblast san antonio texasLost or found a pet in Southtown? Please include the following information in your request for a Rescue Me announcement:
1.  A description of the pet, including type/breed of animal, approximate size, color/markings, and sex. If the pet is wearing a color or harness, specify the color.
2.  Date pet was found or last seen.
3.  Location where pet was found or last seen.
4.  Your contact information.
5.  Attach a picture of the pet.

Each week, a neighbor sends out a “Lavaca and Friends Happy Hour” eblast, full of upcoming neighborhood and city events. When subscribing to that newsletter, add the optional “Lost and Found Pets” eblast, also known as “Rescue Me.” When a dog or cat in the King William, Lavaca, Southtown neighborhood is lost or found, a Rescue Me announcement is emailed. Thanks to Jane Gennarelli for providing this free service!

If your cat or dog has gone missing in our area and would like us to post about him or her on our The Cannoli Fund Facebook page, please contact us through that page.

For cats and dogs found in our service area, The Cannoli Fund has a microchip scanner to help reunite lost pets with their owners. To have a cat or dog scanned for a chip, contact us.

As of November 2016, the City of San Antonio’s Animal Care Services is offering free microchips to cats and dogs living in San Antonio anytime during regular business hours – no appointment needed (includes lifetime registration). Your pet can also be chipped at any offsite Microchip Mania event.