The Cannoli Fund Announces Cannolicare for Cats and Dogs

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Cannoli, the inspiration for Cannolicare grants.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Cannoli Fund’s board of directors has established a new program, Cannolicare. This program will provide financial assistance to residents who need help to pay for critical medical expenses for cats or dogs in their care.

Cannolicare will provide up to $150 per animal (Update August 2015, Now $400) for medical care necessary for the health of an animal. There is a limit of three (3) animals per resident per year. Types of medical care include, but are not limited to, services such as surgical or other treatment for broken bones or umbilical hernias, mange, heartworm, or other life-threatening illness with a positive prognosis. Examples of items not covered include flea medication, baths, nail trims, and other things that are part of standard pet care. All the current details of this grant for King William and Lavaca cats and dogs are on our Cannolicare page.