The Cannoli Fund Receives King William Association Grant

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This community cat took The Cannoli Fund's Community Cat Carpool to be spayed and receive vaccinations.

This community cat took the Community Cat Carpool to be fixed thanks to the KWA. Her left ear was tipped after the surgery.

The Cannoli Fund recently received a grant from the King William Association (KWA) to help fund its Community Cat Carpool program in the King William Historic District.

This program assists area residents in trapping and transporting feral, also known as community cats, to low-cost clinics where they are fixed and vaccinated, and then returned to the site where they were trapped. The practice of TNR (trap-neuter-return) is widely agreed to be the most humane and effective way to control and assure the health of stray or feral cat populations. After a cat is fixed, the very top of its left ear is removed, or tipped, to mark it as sterilized.

The grant from the KWA allowed our organization to purchase four additional humane traps, and will pay for spay or neuter and vaccination of approximately 22 cats trapped in King William. The KWA grant helps The Cannoli Fund meet our internal goal of providing spay/neuter services to 100 cats in the two neighborhoods in our service area during our calendar year. If you know of cats needing this service in the neighborhood, please send an email via our contact page.

Earlier this year, The Cannoli Fund received a grant from The San Antonio Area Foundation to support the Cannolicare program which provides financial assistance for medical care necessary to save,  or dramatically improve the quality of life of, King William and Lavaca cats and dogs.