Tar-Zhay: Cat model for The Cannoli Fund’s Fiesta 2015 medal

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Tar-Zhay, a former stray cat living in King William, was neutered and vaccinated thanks to the Cannoli Fund and is now the cat model for the Fund's 2015 Fiesta San Antonio medal.

Tar-Zhay in 2011, a few months after being neutered and vetted by The Cannoli Fund.

Tar-Zhay the cat was the beneficiary of urgent medical care for a bad case of mange. He received treatment thanks to the Cannolicare program of The Cannoli Fund for Dogs and Cats.

When Tar-Zhay reappeared at his feral colony in early 2014, he was suffering from a bad case of mange.

Tar-Zhay the cat in a metal porch chair

Now free of mange, well fed, and content, Tar-Zhay relaxes on his porch.

The Cannoli Fund's 2015 Fiesta San Antonio medal features Tar-Zhay the cat.MEDALS ARE HERE! Buy now in our Fiesta Medal Shop!

Tar-Zhay, an orange tabby named for the large target-like patterns on his coat, was a male tom cat who roamed a wide territory in lower King William. With a distinctive slightly deformed left ear, Tar-Zhay appeared to have been born to a feral mother. The streets had not been kind to him. When he was spotted in the neighborhood, he frequently had scratches or wounds from fighting.

One day in 2011, Tar-Zhay’s life changed for the better. He and several other ferals were trapped, spayed or neutered, and returned to a small outdoor community cat colony. T-N-R, or Trap-Neuter-Return is considered the most effective way to control feral cat populations. Although Tar-Zhay was wary of people at first, regular feedings and neutering led him to change his mind quickly! He soon made himself at home on a lower King William porch, enjoying frequent opportunities to cuddle up in a warm lap and get some attention.

In late 2012, Tar-Zhay disappeared! An extensive search, liberal sprinkling of potent catnip on his porch, and offers of tuna fish and other delicious treats did not bring him home. His family and community cat colony missed him greatly. After a few months his family decided that something must have happened to Tar-Zhay and that they would probably never see him again.

Then, in January of 2014, Tar-Zhay suddenly reappeared on his former porch! He looked terrible because of a bad case of mange. He immediately was taken to the vet who explained that the itching was so intense that Tar-Zhay had scratched himself to the point that he had lost fur on his head and neck and had developed open wounds. After an overall checkup and updated shots, the cat was put on a treatment plan for his mange. Tar-Zhay benefited from The Cannoli Fund’s Cannolicare program, which provides up to $300 towards crucial medical care for pets in our King William and Lavaca service area.

Tar-Zhay now spends his time napping in his favorite box or chair, eating all he can, and enjoying the company of the other cats in his colony.

Order Tar-Zhay’s Fiesta 2015 medal online at The Cannoli Fund’s fiesta medal shop now! Medals will also be for sale at the King William Association office, at Pig Liquors on S. St. Mary’s, Villa Finale Museum and Gardens on King William Street, and at Lucy’s Doggy Daycare and Spa’s downtown location, beginning in early April. Both our cat and dog medals will also be for sale at Pin Pandemonium at Fiesta Fiesta at the Alamo, Thursday, April 16, 5 pm until dark, and at the Ilse’s Attic booth at the King William Fair on Saturday, April 25, 9 am – 6 pm.

All proceeds from medal sales benefit The Cannoli Fund’s numerous programs for cats and dogs living in the King William and Lavaca neighborhoods. The Cannoli Fund (tax ID 45-2476260) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.