La Cocina de Cannoli Provides 4,658 Pounds of Pet Food to Date

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Hundreds of pounds of cat and dog pet food are delivered each month

Hundreds of pounds of pet food are delivered each month.

La Cocina de Cannoli, or Cannoli’s Kitchen, provides pet food to residents in our service area to help feed their cats and dogs.

As of February 2016, The Cannoli Fund has contributed 4,658 pounds of cat and dog food to King William and Lavaca neighbors since the program began. Every month one of our board members delivers several hundred pounds of food to 11 animal-loving households within our one-square-mile service area.

Most neighbors participating care for feral cat colonies, although some dogs also benefit. Often animal caregivers are on a limited income, are elderly, or are disabled. Prior to the start of this program, some big-hearted neighbors were putting their own needs aside in order to feed their animals. We provide pet food to those caring for cats and dogs only after the animals are fixed and are no longer able to reproduce. Many of the pets fed participated in our Spay/Neuter Reimbursement or Community Cat Carpool programs.

The Cannoli Fund understands the financial commitment that comes with feeding a companion animal or a feral cat colony. This program depends primarily on contributions from our community and from our donors. If you, or a neighbor in our service area, would like to be part of our La Cocina de Cannoli program, or would like help fixing pets, please email us through our contact page.

We appreciate your help to spread information about this program to neighbors who may not be online.